About Us

We are a collection of 2000 Surging bulls Unique NFT collectibles that will be surging on the Solana Blockchain. The traits are programmatically assigned but manually drawn so that there is a unique taste to each piece, giving an added value to the Surging Bulls Community.

Holding an NFT will unlock special perks and events hosted to celebrate the Bullish Nature of our Community.


No bonding Curve, flat fee of 3.5 SOL per NFT. The same cost for everyone.

The Traits

Each Trait is uniquely and programmatically assigned but drawn with special care to give it the look needed for the value of the community. Our main value is quality over quantity. More than 200 traits between wears, colors, and facial expression.


The Bulls website goes live! Create 2000 hand drawn unique Surging Bulls

Minting goes Live (TBA). Listing on Solsea, Solanart and Digital Eyes

Creation of the Herd Dao. Verified Users would be able to dictate and vote on Community Treasury and charity to donate to

Communicate and collaborate with upcoming Solana NFT drops to provide airdrops for the Herd

Our Team

Our team is a team of the Chief Bull, the Artist Bull, the Dev Bull and the Social Bull.